Himalaya Gum Expert Anti-Plaque Herbal Toothpaste - 75ml FOP
Himalaya Gum Expert Anti-Plaque Herbal Toothpaste - 75ml BOP

Himalaya Gum Expert Anti-Plaque Herbal Toothpaste - 75ml

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Himalaya Anti-Plaque toothpaste contains special blend of herbs like Clove, Cinnamon and special breakthrough formula based on PLANT ENZYME TECHNOLOGY to reduce the formation of plaque, while Clove helps provide protection against harmful germs for comprehensive teeth protection.

Science of ancient Ayurveda for protection against plaque build up.

Ayurveda means ‘The Knowledge of Life’, and the Himalaya Gum Expert range of toothpastes is inspired by the Science of Ayurveda. It contains ‘Miswak’, a natural astringent, that ensures your gums remain healthy and protected.

Miswak, Menthol, Clove

Use Directions

Brush at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist. For adults and kids above 7 years old.


- Free from Fluoride.
- 91% Natural origin
- Enamel safe
- Vegan
- Fresh taste
- Store in a cool and dry place.

Manufactured by:
Himalaya Wellness Company
Makali, Bangalore - 562162, Karnataka, India

Manufactured for:
Himalaya Wellness Poland Sp. z o. o.,
ul. Al. Jerozolimskie 81 lok. 7.01 A, 02-001 Warsaw, Poland


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