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Research at the Heart

If there is one word that captures the essence of Himalaya, it is research. It lies at the heart of everything we do. Serpina®, the first drug launched by Himalaya, was the result of four long years of research.

The legacy of researching nature forms the foundation of Himalaya's operations. While drawing from ancient Ayurvedic texts, our scientists have validated the safety and efficacy of our herbal formulations using modern science. Each herb is studied in great detail to establish known and unknown therapeutic benefits. We have studied over 10,000 herbs and discovered many new properties. In just eight years, we have filed over 90 patents.

At Himalaya, our scientists are driven by the knowledge that plants have immense potential and can provide solutions to improve life. For instance, herbal medicines are typically not explored for the treatment of life threatening diseases. The reasons attributed are two-fold—the dearth of scientifically-validated herbal medicines and the lack of awareness about alternative drugs.

Yet, our scientists are busy researching herbal drugs for conditions like cancer, depression and women's health, amongst others. Recently, we have launched a drug for Hepatitis B, a condition that affects 40 million people in India, alone. The drug, which has taken 14 years to develop, works at an efficacy rate comparable to allopathic medicines, at a fraction of the price and with no side effects!

At Himalaya, research is not just about breakthrough formulations but also about filling the gaps in conventional medicine. We believe that herbal remedies can become the first treatment of choice for some conditions, and at other times, contribute to a holistic regimen that improves the quality of life. For instance, our cancer drug presently undergoing trials helps build immunity in patients on chemotherapy.

Through research, Himalaya has introduced several innovative products. Cystone, Himplasia and Septilin are some of our breakthrough drugs that are prescribed by doctors across the world. Cystone, used in the treatment of urinary stones, is the only herbal drug available for this condition. It is backed by over 90 clinical trials. Himplasia is the first herbal formulation that controls benign prostate hyperplasia. The efficacy of these drugs is comparable to allopathic medicines, without any side effects! While herbs may not provide the answer to all unmet medical needs, they can make a significant contribution to overall healthcare.

We have applied the research strength of our Pharmaceutical products to Personal Care as well. A patent has been filed for our Under Eye Cream. Research is currently underway to offer a wider range of products in the anti-aging and dermaceuticals space.

At Himalaya, we will continue to focus on research and build credibility for herbal medicines and personal care products. Our customers understand that all our products are a result of years of research. Today, over four million doctors and customers in more than 100 countries rely on us for their healthcare and personal care needs.