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Himalaya HiOra Gum Kit - Helps Reduce Gum Inflammation

HiOra Gum Kit

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HiOra Toothpaste supports management of gingival inflammation and infection by improving the oral hygiene. Helps to prevent gum bleeding and improves healthy looking teeth. The astringent and antiseptic properties of the ingredients in HiOra-GA Gel helps prevent further recurrence of gingivitis by
improving mouth hygiene. Helps to prevent gum bleeding and strengthen gums. The gel refreshes breath and support fighting bacteria in the oral cavity.

  • Helps to reduce gum inflammation
  • Fights bacteria in oral cavity
  • Prevents gum bleeding & tightens gums
  • Helps reduce plaque formation
  • Fluoride free
  • 100% Vegetarian
    • Key Ingredients
    • Indications
    • Use Directions
    Key Ingredients
    • Triphala - herbal compound with antimicrobial properties, helps to inhibit bacterial growth on the surface of the teeth; polyphenols in Triphala exhibit astringent action that tighten the gums.
    • Indian Kino Tree (Asana) - has astringent properties, which are helpful in gum bleeding
    • Miswak and Triphala - help to reduce gingival problem by improving the oral hygiene
    • Accacia, Amla, Clove and Neem - perform antibacterial function
    • Bromelain and Papain - proteolytic enzymes help reduce plaque formation

    Helps in management of Gingivitis, inflamed and spongy gums.

    Use Directions

    Brush your teeth with HiOra Toothpaste twice a day with a gentle gum massage. Best used after meals. Than take a sufficient quantity of HiOra-GA Gel on the tip of your clean finger and gently massage over the affected area of the gums, or as directed by your doctor.

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